By Douglas C. Hoover


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Learn about the real source of fear, sickness, disease, infirmities, depression, bitterness and calamity and how to avoid them! * Does God impart disease to you or does He allow Satan to do it? * Does God cause or allow sickness to draw you closer to Him or teach you a lesson? * Was Job's incredible ordeal of suffering a result of a contest or wager between God and Satan? * Did Job experience loss as a result of ignorance about the true nature or character of God? The answer to one of these four questions is a resounding yes! Experience new hope, a healthy respect, and a deeper profound love for God. Learn the truth about His divine nature with a more in-depth study of the Book Of Job Douglas Hoover was born in Jackson, Michigan in 1947, a four-year disabled Navy veteran, father of Heidi Renee and Chad Douglas and has lived in San Diego, CA for the past twenty-five years. Douglas has been writing articles for magazines for many years and is a Platinum author on the internet. He is the founder of Beautiful Feet Outreach Ministries and CEO and founder of Aquamedia Corporation in San Diego, CA. Douglas Hoover has received invitations from pastors around the world to come and preach the Gospel. Serving the Lord is his passion and preaching the Gospel is his major goal. Matthew 6:33 He believes that if we will seek God and put Him first in our life, He will provide us with everything we need, love, health, peace, joy, and even financial needs. Douglas encourages fellow believers to develop a burden for the lost and a desire to know the true nature and character of God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. 

Why Do Bad Things Happen To So-Called "Good" People?